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Global Asia Studies
Natalie Rose

GASB15 Jan 31, 2013 High art: art which deals with lofty and dignified subjects and is characterized by an elevated style avoiding all meretricious display Low art: a derogatory term for some forms of popular culture/art Folk art: art done by a community/culture Material arts don’t always have to be just for viewing pleasure – it can have practical purposes. Painting Madhubani  Named after a district in Bihar o Also known as Mithila or Maithila  They are a traditional folk art – practiced solely by women  Its origin is unknown o no evidence for any date as the knowledge of the art form (by the Western world) only started in the 1930s. However, at that time, the art seemed to have a long history.  They are illustrations used to cover the inside of a marriage chamber and painted straight onto the walls o Lines are made by split bamboo sticks dipped in ink and the gaps are coloured in by wads of cloth dipped in ink o The starting point of the illustrations are a red dot painted in the center of the eastern wall o Usually designs of wealth, fertility, prosperity etc.  The outside of the marriage chamber is totally plain The paintings were first discovered by W.G. Archer who was a district officer. He had knowledge of contemporary art from being a student of Cambridge University.  An earthquake hit the community and the marriage chambers, usually hidden away, were revealed.  Archer published an article on the art, which was the first time this type of art had been seen by the outside world GASB15 Jan 31, 2013 Pupul Jayakar was the chair of the All India Handloom association. She read Archer’s article and went to Madhubani to see the art for herself. She found the area in the middle of a famine so less art was being produced.  Jayakar d
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