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Global Asia Studies
Natalie Rose

GASB15 March 14, 2013 South Asian Novelists in English, An A-Z Guide, Edited by Jaina C. Sanga, 2003, Westport, Connecticut and London: Greenwood Press  1813, in the Charter Act, the East India Company took a responsibility for native education  William Bentick‟s English Education Act made the study of English mandatory in India. (Governor General of India 1828-1835)  1857, the British Crown took over the Company and formally patterned the Indian University system after that of England. There was dissent from these actions – stifling/restricting Indian learning/culture  Ram Mohan Roy (1772 – 1833) – sought to make reforms in religion, society, and education. Often referred to as the „Father of Modern India‟. Advocated the study of English in India – wanted intellectual exchange Bankim Chandra Chatterjee‟s “Rajmohan‟s Wife” (1864) is generally regarded as the first Indian English novel.  Chatterjee was born in Bengal (1838 – 1894)  One of first graduates from the University of Calcutta  Deputy magistrate and deputy collector in the government of the British India government Pre-Independence Writers Three major Indian novelists, regarded as the „gurus‟ of the Indian English novel. Started careers as novelists during the 1930s. Mulk Raj Anand (1905 – 2004)  Born: Peshawar  Educated: Punjab and UK (returned to India in 1926) o Experiments (likes James Joyce) with language – used words as a type of art form, making them intricate. He tried to bring in local language into his English novels.  Fear of Fear o sisking – onomatopoeia (maybe?) o Dharna – a type of protest where you lurk by the front door of s
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