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Global Asia Studies
Riju Sikdar

GASB20 September 27th Lecture- 4 Primary sources- are considered, literally accounts, pics, artifacts, anything that historians used to analyse the history. 1857- a watershed The East India company was removed from power by the crown because of massive revolt that started in that year. They exposed the power. Showed the terrible consequences of the colonial rule. By mid 19th century a lot of changes led to severe discontent from the colonized subjects. Different interpretations of 1857. British- as a mutiny mainly because it started among the rebellion of the soldiers of the army. Nationalists- first war of independence. Both of these views are flawed. Video Clips: People were not fighting for the nation. In fact the nation was not yet formed. It was mere response the soldier's discontent One interpretation: Indian were upset about the use of pig and cow fat, soon this led to a rebellion act. The march to direct the control began and lasted for a century. The guns that were sunken in the pig fat. The rifle called Le Envy whose cartridges were rived with cow and pig fat. The Company did not take any action regarding that. This was one of the first instances of
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