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GASB58 Class 3 January 26 2012 THE LONG EIGHTEENTH CENTURY UNDER EMPEROR QIANLONG 17361795KANGXI R 16221722Abolition of the 3 feudatories 16731681Integration of Taiwan 1683Treaty of Nerchinsk 1689 with the RussiansPacification of Xinjiang northwest 1690s and Tibet 1720The Rites Controversy with the Jesuit Missionaries 1690sCultural Patronage and Prosperity nd 2 Southern Inspection Tour 1689EMPEROR YONGZHENG R 17231735 rd 3 emperor son of KangxiLegitimacy of His Succession to the ThroneSecret Memorial Systemhelped devise a system for the Qin court Government systemofficially started using it his father started devising it but hadnt started using itFiscal ReformAbolition of Despised Social StatusEMPEROR QIANLONG 173617961750s local leadership in Tibet trie
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