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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 6 February 16 2012 WEEK 6 THE LATE QING 100 DAYS REFORM BOXER UPRISING AND THE 1911 REVOLUTIONTHE HUNDRED DAYS REFORMA response to the defeatin the SinoJapanese war in 1895Kang Youwei 18581927 Liang Qichao 18731929 both natives of Guangdong and Juren Holders of ProvincialLevel Degrees Later in 1895 Kang became a Jinshi presented scholarangry with the terms of the treaty with Japanesewanted the government to refuse to give the concessions to JapanQing government too weak Guangxu Emperor didnt have as much influence over the government as Empress Dowager CixiKang Youwei Petition in 1895 as candidate for exams at Beijing JinshiReinterpreted Confucius as a Reformer Kongzi Kaizhi KaoAdvocated constitutional monarchy after the Japanese modelReceived by Emperor on June 16 1898 Appointed to lead the reformLiang Qichao Kangs student cofounded Qiangxue Hui Society for the Study of National StrengthOne of the leaders of the ReformTan Sitong 18651898 Famous for Renxue Study for Benevolence denouncing Confucianism calling for adoption of Western legal and political institutions Petitioning to the Qing court in June 1895 after the Sino Japanese warGuangxus Reform Issued a large number of imperial edicts within 103 daysEducation changed the contents of the Civil Service Exams to establish Western School system send students abroad to learn from the WestEncour
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