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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 7 March 1 2012 WEEK 7 THE EARLY REPUBLICAN PERIOD 19121936 YUAN SHIKAI 18591916Commander in Korea in 1894 Betrayed Emperor Guangxu in 1898 Governor General of Shandong 18991900 Commander of Beiyang Army after 1901 Premier in 1911 President of the ROC Republic of China in Feb 1912 restoration in JanMarch 1916Forced emperor to abdicate to force his presidency Took advantage of military weakness Wasnt keen on republicPRESIDENCY OF YUAN SHIKAI 19121916Founding of the nationalist party Guomindang First Parliament Election in late 1912 announced in Jan 1913March 1913 Song Jiaoren was assassinated at the Shanghai railway stationSong Jiaoren 18821913 Leader of the Nationalist Guomindang PartyTried to eliminate his oppositionMay 1913 the Second Revolution led by Li LiejunGovernor of Jiangxi Province defeated by Zhang Xunin Sept 1913Oct 1913 Yuan forced Parliament to elect him president for 5 yearsEvicted nationalist members of parliament and banned the PartyJan 1914 Parliament was dissolved and Feb 1914 provincial assemblies were dissolvedMay 1914 a constitutional compact issued to replace the provisional constitution granting Yuan unlimited powerJan 1915 Twenty One Demands by JapanTransfer of all German interests in ShandongExtension of Japans lease on the Liaodong PeninsularGrant of the commercial rights in ManchuriaJoint SinoJapanese control of the Hanyeping industrial comple
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