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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 8 WEEK 8 THE SINO JAPANESE WAR 19371945JAPANS RISE TO AN IMPERIAL POWER 18761910Unequal Treaty with Korea 1876Abolition of Foreign Extraterritoriality 1894The SinoJapanese War 189495AngloJapanese Alliance 1902The RussoJapanese War 190405Annexation of Korea 1910JAPANESE IMPERIALISM 191119301911 Revolution in China and the Collapse of the Last Imperial Dynasty in China Period of Warlords 191219301915 21 Demands on China1919 The Paris Peace Conference and the Treaty of Versailles1919 Rising Nationalism in East Asia Student demonstration in Korea March and China May 19191921 The Washington Treaty System1924 Japanese Exclusion ActSocial Unrest economic depression weak party system in Japan192030s Rise of Ultranationalism and MilitarismJAPAN IS READY TO FIGHT THE WORLDEditorial Japan Advertiser Oct 20 1930 The true nature of the League of Nations has been revealed It is nothing but an agency of illicit intercourse between Europe and America and its paramount object is to establish despotism of the white race The World after all is now Japans enemy It is the desire of other nations to check Japans natural development To Japan therefore the rest of the world is unnecessary The Unites States especially is most obnoxious to us If the world with America at its center stands against Japan Japan will be
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