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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 9 March 15 2012 WEEK 9 CIVIL WAR AND THE EARLY PRC ERA THE CIVIL WAR 194549Ceasefire in Jan 1946First Stage July 1946June 1947Nationalists had advantagesThe CCP especially led by Lin Biaoattacked in ManchuriaSecond Stage June 1947Fall 1948 The PLA crossed the Yellow River By March 1948 Manchuria fell to the CCP except for 3 citiesThird Stage Fall 1948Oct 1949By Nov 1948 Lin Biao took over the whole ManchuriaNov 1948Jan 1949 The PingJin Battle and The HuaiHai BattleApril 1949 Nanjing fell and Shanghai fell in MayDec 1949 Chiang Kaishek fled to TaiwanOct 1 1949 Founding of the PRC Peoples Republic of ChinaTHE EARLY STAGE OF THE PRC 194966Founding of the PRC Oct 1 1949The Consolidation Period 194952Political Nature Sept 1949 Peoples Political Consultative Conferencea The Organic Law b Common Program human rights equality land reform development of heavy industries andsafeguards of rights of minoritiesEconomyUnification of TerritoryForeign RelationsDec 1949 Mao to the Soviet Union SinoSoviet Treaty of Alliance and Mutual Assistance The Korean War 195053The Soviet Period 195258Mass Campaigns Suppression o
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