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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

GASB58 Class 10 March 22 2012 WEEK 10 THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION AND THE REFORM ERA 196694THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION Prelude to the Cultural Revolution 195865Disputes over the Great Leap Forward 195860Changes to the Party LeadershipPresident of the PRC Liu Shaoqi 18981969 195968General Secretary of the CCP Deng Xiaoping190497 195666Premier Zhou EnLaiVice Premier Chen YunMao Zedongs Ideology for Continued RevolutionHis wife Jiang Qing Minister of Defense Lin Biao 1 Permanent Revolution1963 Socialist Education Movement Revolutionary Models AgricultureDazhai Village 1964 PLALei Fengmodel soldier 1962 2 Class Struggle in the Cultural RealmNever Forget the Class StruggleHistorianWu Hans Opera Hai Rui Dismissed from OfficeThe Cultural Revolution 196676The ActiveFirst Stage May 1966 to April 1969Continued criticism of Wu Hans Hai Rui Dismissed From Office May 1966 The Cultural Revolution Group led by Chen BodaJiang QingKang Sheng May 19August 1966 Radicals at universities challenged Party Leaders Nie Yuanzi philosopher teacher at Beijing University published a Poster June 1 Mao Zedong authorized broadcasting of the poster Liu Shaoqi tried to assert Party authority over the radicals
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