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Global Asia Studies
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Sudharshan Duraiyappah

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GASB67H Week 8- Lecture Notes March 7 2013 Essay - MLA Style - 5 marks for bibliography, books, peer reviewed journals, no websites, can be online journals, relevant books, do the initial research, then look at the journal’s - 5 marks for introductory paragraph, - Arguments strong, how are they placed, shouldn't started with the weakest argument, write well - How to reflect the point of a quotation, - The body of the essay should be convincing 2 Suggested Films - Spring Summer Autumn Winter Spring - Samsara 2 Focus on Silk Routes - Dun Huang - Kucha - Chinese, mostly focus on tang dynasty Kucha - On the Northern rein - The blue color, came from Persian, get to China from the Silk Route, Iranian color - From Kucha, Indo Chinese style - Rounded eyes, Indian characteristics - Furniture, Western influences - Currently in Berlin - Painting of a shepherd boy called Nanda, to hear the Master speak - The tod did not want to disturb Nanda’s concentration, so the tod became a Bodhi sattava in the next life - From caves Blue beard - The blue color came from Persia - Shown as very sad, in his robes with patches, show they are poor - He’s a mature man, detailed ears, he’s crying - Particular types of flower in the background called Mantara - The flowers faded when he was crying - Classic image for Indo- Chinese Style from the silk routes - Cino- Indian, Cido means Chinese - Wall Painting from Tang Dynasty, 7-9 century - Fresco, the painting was applied when the plaster was wet Tantric Art - Mystical Tradition - Tantra means technique, any type of technique that are used in worship - Himalayan 1st - A female and male deity in sexual intercourse - Exchanging Prana (气) - Sexual energy is used in worship - Tantric heavily borrow from Hinduism - Vajrayana(the dimond pathway), Lamayana, Himalayan - The male deity called, Mahakala, he’s in eternal embrace - Made of gold, cloth is not Indian, fire on top, - Looks like wall- Hanging, called Tanka, it is worshipped, a ce
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