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Global Asia Studies
Sudharshan Duraiyappah

GASB67H3 Week 12- Cambodia- Bayon April 4 2013 How Buddhism art is used in politics? - Effective role to keep people in coherencies Bayon- antor - Theravada Buddhist - Started as Hindu architecture based - Jayavarman (Jeyavarman) VII responsible for these architects The Ground Plan - Mandala - The foundation go into the deep earth and raise up in the earth - 3 levels, - Galleries all around, battles, donations, etc. - Political propaganda of the king’s justification of ruling people - Paradise of the earth - The whole building is surrounded by deities - Third gallery, come face to face with Jayavarman - He has his face sculpted on the stone architecture, shows himself of the Buddha in the sculptures - Use of secular use of - Ensemble separately Jayavarman Sculpture - Meditating as the Buddha - Buddha’s figures: long ear, wearing monks robes, meditative position, not in lotus position, maybe hands in the front, no jewelries for the king - Religion and political iconography - Why show himself as a monk to the public? - Ex. Obama campaign, 3 men came into one figure, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther Jayavarman’s Face - Shown as Buddha - Flash over the eyes, because he is meditating, the eyes are just - Same treatment as the Buddha Sculpture - From Jayavarman’s time period - One of his favorite figure of Buddha, personal devotion to this Buddha figure - Buddha was distracted by a serpent with many heads when he was meditating - Got popularized because it was favorite by the king - Just like the fashion of the day - Pigment left on the piece, very rare - Whatever he like became the trend Sri Lanka - Same use in politics Aukana - 6 century - Carved into the rocks - Large scale, same tradition - Right hand shows blessing, left hand shows renouncing - Flame on top of the head, showed tha
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