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Global Asia Studies
Ping- Chun Hsiung

Contradictory literature: part-time proletariat, the workers tend to leave the factory and seek for other professions after they are married. However they still found a large number of married women in the satellite factories. Land-reform strategy: -from a few big land owners to a large number of small owners. - Much larger labour force to engage in labour-intensive export-led growth. -Also diminished the power of elite and landlord class and at the same time won support from the tenants and working class, which is a large chunk of the population. Export occupied 53% of GNP in 1980 as opposed to 9% in 1950. Taiwan’s economic transition 1) From agriculture to manufacturing 2) Export-oriented nature of development 3) Dual market structure: export market filled with small labour-intensive producers, whereas large corp. dominate the domestic market 4) Decentralized industrialized/rural industrialization Small industry avoid the formation of unions In south korea, the number of factories < size vs. Taiwan, # of factory > size Taiwan is the 2 richest country after Japan in terms of foreign exchanger reserves and 13 largest trading partner. Similar trend with Italy, small size family enterprises producing for an international market. Craft-based vs. non-craft based Non-Craft based: mass production, special purpose machine with semi-skilled worker = standardized product craft-based: skilled workers with general purpose models for a wide range of products in a market that demand many kinds of products. Skilled workers therefore have more say about their work, because the factory rely on them to constant innovate to accommodate with the changing market. Non-craft based industry: Taiwan vs. Italy In Taiwan: rely on a large group of married women who endure their multiple jobs at work and in home Subcontracting in Italy is used to ensu
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