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Managing A Difference Lec

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Natalie Rothman

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Lecture 6: Managing Differences
Most of these ppl child slave recruits bilingualhow impacted world view, and rise
rapidly through ranks = to ministers and members of cabinet
Establish themselves in mid-India helps transform themselves into other religions
Qutb complex; architect build from bricks, columns and beams taken from
previous Hindu temples; appropriation of different religions, absorbs and
transforms traditions
Ppl who built this, were locals, didnt know how to build arches and
imitating things from Persia, influential on cultureimperial influence
Al-Andalus in 1035
Muslim ppl in contacted with Non-Muslim areas ; Muslim merchants present in
Europe interaction before political and military take over
Slaves believed in Muslim, more interactions
Rapid conquest of Arabs, took over a lot ! facilitated by ideological and socigical,
military and political components
Muslim community surrounding
Jews wanted conquest as well, because it made them get away from being forced to
be baptised
Idea of religious freedom, extended to both Christians and Jews; run internal affairs
While Christians rule didnt extend same rights and privileges to Jews and Muslims
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Brought massive immigration brought art from Africa
Enormous migration and conversion
Massive process of religious transformation
Elaborate poltical and cultural framework
Toleration: theological concept of Islam, although Christians and Jews dont
recognize Muhammad their religion still respected; not forcibly converted/expelled
b/c of beliefs
Complex language of ppl
Brought Moores, idea of someone who is Muslim / black
Moserabs, Christians under Muslim rule
Morescas, converts of Islam living as Christians; reconquest of Arabian
Mulades, convert from Islam to Christian
Helps marganilize ppl, no true blood Christians helps them survive in Spain
Mixing of cultural and material practices
1st constructed on Mormon Pagan site
Appropriation of building materials, and physically making mosque its own
Cultural institutions especially higher learning
Fusion of higher learning from Persia
Many teachers multilingual, catered to students from all over the world
In Toledo, scholars from all over Europe took advantage of more developed
philosophy in medicine etc.
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