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Chartering a New World Lec 16

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Natalie Rothman

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Lecture 16: Charting New World I: Colonizers and colonized in the Americas
Colonial societies: relationship b/w colonizers (how they come to be seen as what tey
are seen as ppl become colonized as a social and culturalized process
Had a lot to do w/ cultural societies they encounter: there nature transformed based
on the contact with other cultural societies ie. cant think of Spanish as same before
Conflicting legacies of mixing, ethnic, social, and religious
This image presents first encounter
Indigensness ppl are on the outside and notice how the Europeans are in the centre,
can distinguish them based on their clothes (in all images)
Europeans always represent themselves as better dressed, social change in fashion,
higher up!
Indigenous dress in furs and leather (one with nature major THEME)
Weaponry, Europeans had superior technology compared to natives
Partial perspective of colonization, has taken central peridime of how we think of
In reality, the indigenous ppl arent necessarily inferior
As we see in hunting & gathering it hard to have a military such as European in NA
Where in south America societies were in every way equal, technology, societies,
military etc how do Europeans take over then?
If Europeans thought they had radical alterity (diff in culture) , how did these ppl
become to live together in colonial societies even though they are all mixed?
In Spanish Americas established society of diff kinds of indigenous mixing of ppl,
how did the mixing came about when it was very evident and what were the
Mixing in Spanish was prevalent
In 1519 spanish ships sailed hoping to conquer the astecs
Formed alliances with some of the tribes of astecs
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