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Encountering Franks and Crusaders

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Natalie Rothman

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Encountering Franks: Crusader Societies in the Eastern Mediterranean
Western half of Christendom on rise while eastern half on decline (reverse)
European expansion and religious expansion caused by Crusades series of holy
Lasted for more than 4 centuries in west beginning in 1905 in eastern
Crusades taken by Gods command authorized by pope political, economic and
social motives underlining influence
Participants had to swear a vow but got rewarded ie. Removed penalties from sins,
immunity from lawsuits, material benefits etc.
Support for them b/c they provided security to all of Christendom and Christians
Drew Christian faithfulness & warrior values of elite
Most famous Crusades aimed at reconquering Jerusalem and holy places from
Supported by kings, popes, bishops, monks, lords, nobles and merchants
Demonstrated growing European capacity for organizations, finance, transportation
and recruitment made by absence of centralized direction
Demonstrated cruelty
Seizure of Jerusalem in 1099 slaughter of many Muslims and Jews
Also waged war to reclaim the Iberian Peninsula from Muslims
Scandinavian and German warriors took part in conquest along Baltic Sea
B.E. & Russia followed Eastern Orthodox Christianity; on receiving end of western
Feature of European expansion as began oceanic voyages
Little impact politically and religiously in middle east ; Muslims forgot about them
until 19th-early 20th centuries when struggle against European imperialism
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