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22 Apr 2012
HIs TUT March 13 WEEK 10
looking at week 9
Lecture on Contentious traditions and pathological colonial view, south asia and korea
reading: readings eye witness accounts of widow burning, lata mani
sati - upper class hindu practice
there's evidence that widows were drugged and tied
if they burned = heroins
if not = pathetic
sati = is technically suicide and murder
Algerian women - the colonial Harem 1986
written accounts = picture postcards
"the figures of phantasm - what does Alloula mean by this?
that these pics are coming from the past and we're not sure of the substance of
the pictures…how real they are..so they present us with a puzzle…and so she wants us
to think firstly the viewers of the pictures and whats going on in them and secondly to
think about stereotypes around women's bodies
GAyatri - Can the Subalten Speak (can a normal/lower person speak)
- what is subalter = somebody that is not the higher ranks…a lower person…not an elite
Sati records:
she's seeing that the names are being entered into these records and transfied (the
names of the women weren't given a accurate name?) so we could not learn anything
from these records
what is sati?
a virtuous woman…a good woman
a woman thats doing the right thing
it is not sanctioned by the law books (in the hindu world)
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