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22 Apr 2012
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His - lec 4 jan 31
midterm: feb 14
tuts 1-4 = 12-1
tuts 5-9 = 1-2
10 multiple choices..10 fill in the blanks
list of key terms and word banks
fill in the blanks - specific questions…
multiple choices - main points of the articles …not tested: minor details
- map out the main arguments of the readings
- should be able to identify from the examples
identify what major restoration is important…signifies japanese …
this week and next week lec:
transition to modernitiy
relationship btw culture and colonialism
today focus: tiawian
japan - colonizer
korea - colonized by japan
previous article:
how korean medical docs or reformers viewed this new system of western medicine
> old traditions were criticized by koreans and japanese that were emerging
this week:
emegernce of pop culture mirrors asian's modernity
a form of popular culture == baseball
what does pop Culture mean?
which is form of pop culture?
opera - no
shakespere -
movie - yes
baseball - yes
classical music -
television drama -
jazz -
travel/picture postcard - yes
def pf pop culture?
scholar: RAYMOND WILLIAMS - studied def of pop culture
> controversy term called culture
> proposed new ways of thinking of culture
in the past culture was a symbol of ruling class elite class
Ex: opera,,high forms of novel…aristocratic sports: tennis (british)
before: culture did not belong to a mass of lower/common ppl
emergence of modernity:
lower part of society can enjoy culture
they became available with an era of mass production - (printing postcard -
pictures..television drama (only after the invention of camera)
non elite or lower class or mass audience of access to what is culture
it's the age of mass reproduction
these transformations were beggining to happen for asian societies late 18C
pop culture - enjoyed by a mass audience
p.c 20C east asia:
1. origin: overlapped with colonialism
2. development through baseball
Edward Said - prominent scholars that began to challenge us and made us think about
pop culture and colonialism - focus on middle east
Key words (edward Said uses in his interview)
how does he use these terms to explain the relationship btw colonialism and culture
- white west
- looks through a lens that destroys the middle east to appear different and
threatening..this lens is orientalism (…also through stereotyping)
- middle east
- orientalism
> revolutionized the middle east
> asks how can we come to understand strangers that look different to us
> how europeeans use these forms of high culture and depicted the middle east…
the work of culture contributed to the order of colonialism (political conquest in the
middle east)
- representation and disparity
> constants disparity of what it meant to be arab
> the representation through art
> had very little to do with his own background and iife
> how the orient is represented and what it's like going there
> the disparity is btw the two ^
- repertory of images
> sensual women
- timeless orient
> regardless of geological locations and despite images..european representation
of the orient is consistent …they depict ppl that do not change over time …they are
subjects that stay outside of history.
Reasons for Said's research/book
1. media representation
2. art representation
sensual women
east full of mysteries and secrets and monsters