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22 Apr 2012
His - lec 5 - feb 7
Popular music, radio and broadcasting
10 multiple choices
10 fill - in - the blanks
lecture slides, class material, tuts sessions,
understand key terms/concepts from the lec slides and readings
- readings = central arguments
- particular figure in a particular period/context
EX: keywords/concepts
______________ is the Japanese term equivalent to the english term "hygiene". it
became one of the most widely used neologisms among japanese government officials
and physicians during the Meiji period.
EX: readings
answer C
EX: periods and historical circumstances:
Tusan dynasty ended when Japs began to colonize okra 1910..
korea became colony of japan = 1910
Tiwan became colony of Japan = by defeating the Ching dynasty = 1895
answer: B
Togugawa tempted to isolate Japan…1868 significant transformation …politics
pop culture and modern society:
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raymond williams:
2 ways of thinking of culture
1. high/elite culture
includes visual arts, performing arts, classical music
* enjoyed or consumed by a small # of elite members of the society
2. mass/pop culture:
- engaged by a large body of population that either belongs to the nation or a region of
the a province
assimilation - make tiawanese into more like chinese
based on the politics of exclusion
baseball was used to be an elite culture now become pop culture for tiawan
how does pop music emerge in asian society?
- engaged/enjoyed/consumed by large # of population by society
- the history began about a century ago
- mechanical reproduction:
> walter benjamin - wrote an essay" work of art in the age 1920s/30s
idea about mechanical reproduction as a distinct ft of modern
> talks about the age of reproduction
> focuses on the work of art
> idea of ambivalence
> what sense of (art: postcards/printings/etc). give ambivalence
> art was for everyone..it democratzes…not just for the elite
> makes art less special ..more popular..less unique
> reproduce images loses authenticity and aura
> in the age of mechanical reproduction : basis in which a pop culture can
form/rise in societies..
pop music:
- idea of sound reproduction
- Jonathan Stern = audible past…u are able to listen to the past
> b.c of technological reproduction of sound that existed in the past, we can listen
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