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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Neville Panthaki

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JAN 28
Austria was a necessary ally for germany because of its location and multiculturalism
African concerns were no concerns of Germany
It was good for Germany that Britain and France to fight over coloniliams because it meant
that they would be on opposing sides
There were three wars of unification
Germany crushed Austria and France
Austria was an ally and France was not
It was a surprise when Prussia beat Austria because Austria was very powerful back then
Bismarck repaired and forestall humiliation of Austria unlike the French
oAlsace/lorraine seized
oIndemnity: 5 billion francs!
oVictory march through paris (gloated over their victory over France…it was toned
down for Austria)
oOccupation until 1873
oSecond reich (empire) of Germany announced at Versailles (Castle of Versailles…it
pushes French buttons)
o1873: 3 Emperors League (alliance between 3 monarchies: Germany, Austria and Russia)
oThis was a problem because Austria and Russia was not friends as they were fighting
over Balkans
oBoth Russia and Austria wanted it because of the Slavic population
o1878: Treaty of San Stefano (Russian vs. Ottoman)
oRussia destroys the Turks
oBismarck put pressure on Russia to mediate because of the alliance
oGermany threatened to break alliance and Russia agreed
oThey met in Berlin (Congress of Berlin) and revised what had happened in San
oRussia was mad and Balkan nationalities were dissatisfied
oWhat happened was Germany and Austria vs. Russia
oThe Germans decided that they would side with the other German state, Austria
o1879: Dual Alliance
oRussia does not want to be part of the alliance anymore
oNow an alliance is made between Germany and Austria
o1881: Dreikaiserbund (G, A, R) second treaty between the three countries
oGermany promises Russia cash and lures them back
oThe French, who had lots of money, lured the Russians also
oWhat keeps them apart is their differences in political systems
o1882: Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria and Italy)
oThe French and the British tried to become friends with Italy for the Mediterranean
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