Lecture 11

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Published on 20 Nov 2011
FEB 11
April 9, US declares war, and next month, the begin conscription
There was no training until September
Their division size was too large (14000-18000)
They had a organizational and structural problems
Pershzng (commander) demanded cavalry fighting, which was outdated
They used mixed equipment provided by the French and british
Pershzng insisted that US force was commanded independently with no allied coordination
with allies
Americans lacked the transport that would take their troups from America to britain
UK send ships to transport US (May-July) 300000 per month
As all of these changes were happening, the others were starting to drop out
oOct 31- Ottoman Empire
oNov 4- Austria-Hungary
oNov 4- Revolution in Germany
oNov 6- German Social Democratic Government Armistice (not the end of the war.
They agreed for a ceasefire, cease hostilities temporarily)
oNov 11: Armistice reached
The Versailles Settlement (1919)
French Demands:
Restoration of Alsace-Lorraine (which was taken by Germany)—they got it
Detach Ruhr and Saar (coal producing areas to reduce Germany’s industrial production for
military development and to profit)—French occupied that Saar for 15 years (Saar) and in the
end there was a plebiscite, and French had the right to go into Ruhr to extract 40-45 tons of
coal per year
French wanted a security pack with US and UK (any problem with France, British would
help)—they did not agree
Reparations—did not get (Germany did not pay it)
Wanted Rhineland (land between France and Germany) demilitarized (this would allow
French to prepare if Germany wanted to attack)—they got it
Britain’s Demands:
They wanted a strong European market
Before the war, Germany was the biggest trade partner
They need Germany to be strong in order for UK to grow
So they had no desire for French domination
They feared soviet influence (prevent Bolshevism)
They wanted a strong centre (Germany)
Britain wanted to go back to colonialism, they did not want to be concerned with Europe
For these reasons, they did not support the French
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