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16 Apr 2012
Globalizing Religions (cont’d) 11-09-19 10:14 AM
Themes: Multiple senses of Globalizing religions
Was religious transformation in the early modern world unique?
Luther’s 95 theses
Watershed effect that began it all
Criticized the church from within
Leaders have no spiritual powers, all should have a direct
relationship with God
Criticized church’s money making schemes (indulgences)
o Ability to have sins forgiven
Was successful in breaking away from church because of confluence
of social and economic processes
Allowed his criticisms to be taken up by already critical people of
the papacy
Europeans were already open to the possibility to challenging the
o New colonies
Sack of Rome
1527: military forces of Charles V pillaged Rome,
Caused by dissatisfaction with the papacy
Protestant army, not catholic
o Didn’t mind pillaging Rome
Helped people become more aware of criticism of the church
A lot of fermentation in reformed churches
Forced the catholic church to define itself
Creation of the council of the church – top officials of church
hierarchy – The council of Trent
o Lasted 2 decades & tried to put into legislation every aspect
of how people should behave in everyday life
o Did not argue with Luther’s Theses, but tries to change their
Many religious groups developed similar ideas about purifying the
soul and acting in a certain moral way all at the same time
o Global transformation without and originator
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