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22 Apr 2012
February 23th 2010
Russian Revolution
Victorious masses (people were empowered)
Unwarranted coup ( viewed as something people did not want)
Your opinion Influenced by history (Pre- 1917)
Your opinion influences post 1917 events n Russia but also throughout the world
Your opinion = ideological I.D.
“workers of the world unite”
Philosophical influences
- 18th century enlightenment ( rationality, scientific approach)
- French Utopian socialism
- ‘German’ romanticism (collective people should be able to control their
destiny, vision )
- Classical eco. Theory ( see the world as debit, credit, usd for political
- Context of Times
- Industrial Revolution ( U.K) { Engels}
- ‘German’ platform socialism {Marx}
- Revolution of 1848( Anti- Bourgois)
- Distinct ( anti-capitalist, proletarian focus (working class))
- Immediate Reference
- Megel :Philosophy of right
-Rational formula is not a coincidence
- dialectil (action- reaction)
- therefore history= conversation material ( money makes the world go
round )
History = haves vs. have nots
Power= those posses means of production
All social/eco/govt/racial-tribal ( all theses institution based upon history-power)
Therefore = conversation of class—struggle ( dialectal)
Continues always in a circular way { Thesis ( condition-condition is inherently
flawed when, exacerbated creates conflicts ) anti- thesis (conflict)synthesis
(new condition ) { continues because people are greedy}
History = economic expression/transition
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