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22 Apr 2012
January 19 2010
American Civil War ( 1861-65)
¼ dead of total participants
Industrialization ( economic expansion resulted in labour)
Westward expansion (railroad)
Slavery ( expanded profit)
To put this in
1776----- 1861
13 states- 33 states
Began in 1619 by 1776 ( 1/6 of the population were slaves)
North controlled trade ( controlled most of the labour and distributed to the North)
North abolish slave trade 1808
South : Tobacco ( virginaia)
Rice ( south Carolina)
Cotton ( cotton gain 1790)
By 1861, the supply of 90% Europe cotton came from 50% of US exports
North America 1619
Comprimises of 1850 ( Fugitive slave law, between the n and south, if you fled
from the south to the north you were given back to the south)
95% of blacks in the south rep 1/3 of the southern total population
5% blacks in North= 1% total north pop
Abolition = several defn ( immediate end to slavery , gradual , propertized,
segregation, voting/ rep)
Civil war context (1861-1865)
States vs. federal rights
Slavery extension territories) ( as American econ grew slave labour grew as well )
Possible Abolition vs econ
Slavery ends 1865
Civil war isn’t really about slavery, over individual sate authority over federal
Black Leaders+ Movements
Booker T. Washington ( 1856-1908)
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