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22 Apr 2012
March 9th 2010
Indian National Congress (1885)
Transformation ID Unity expression (create and identity around the term
‘Indian’, transform the regional into a more singular expression )
{ regionalnational, particularistpatriotic}
Dialogue with the raj { British method /structure theory into practice, legal
framework to change}
Coalition of Interests + secular ( secular in that religion does not effect politic)
{Elites, religion, castes, lingual/ ethnic ground}
- Garibaldi ( young Italy) nation, ( inspired congress to realize the nation,
- Sinn Fein ( Ireland ) ~>home rule/ Indep.
- Lenin ( Soviet Union) ~> secular, socialist, multicultural
- Fabian ( British Const.-Dem.- Soci) ~> legality / gradual
Mohandas K. Gandhi ( “Mahatha”)
Passive resistance ( Tolstoy, ‘ war and peace’)
Communal elections to advisory committee 1909
Emergency Powers/ Famine (1919) Amritsar ( 1919)
- loss of prestige on grounds of morality
- Gandhi Imprisoned (1922) { made him a symbolic figure}
- Communal riots (1930)
- Viceroy vs. Home govt. U.K.
problem when negotiating with British
Dominion status denied ( 1926)
Muslim league and Separate NW ( north west, which is now present day Pakistan)
Gov’t India Act ( 1935)
provincial government , Indian control
Separate communal rep ( Hindu’s can only elect Hindus, Punjab’s can
only elect punjabs)
promise towards dominion
Quit India ( Bose)
Autonomy offer (1942) ( 1942 bad year for Britain, largest loss of land
and soldiers)
Bengal Famine ( 2 million people died)
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