Working Women, Working Men

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2 Apr 2012
Canadian History since 1885 January 16th, 2011
- (TA)
Working Men, Working Women
From a rural to urban country
Resource based economy
Extracting raw materials (lumber workers)
20% other economic (services, manufacturing)
Manufacturing (craft-oriented) [1 or 2 master-craftsmen]
Hired general workers (family members) => tools, boots, barrels, horse-shoes (hand-
made objects).
Took pride in their work (hand-made)
Man of prestige in their community
Stonemason (McKenzie)
The rise of steel and mill
Only a small proportion “Office clerks, doctors, lawyers”
Many merchants, wholesalers, retailers.
(2) The industrial and commercial revolution:
Industrialization: small farms=> large factories
More mechanized, stem power machinery
Control over the production: from worker to management
Rise to the factory system
Transformation of the service factor.
More factories=> more transportation
More railroads, more ships, banks, insure companies, architectures.
More jobs in the “white collar” sector
More retail rector (outlets=> department stores)
Eaton’s, The Hudson’s Bay, The Simpsons
1944 (Eaton’s Catalog) “Rural Bible”
(3) Impact of Urban-Industrialism on the Working
Pre-Industrialization (No working class) (Family owned business)
Created the Working Class
Machines: Hard-work
Rise of factories produced a semi-skilled workers
Wages: Average wages were better than Pre-Industrialization + better working hours
Increase of productivity = More income
Year-around work (not seasonal)
Many unskilled workers became semi-skilled workers
Mechanization made construction better
Key Words:
- Tanneries
-Factory Acts
-The Ward
Scientific Management
-Fred Taylor (taylorism)
- Family economy
- Putting out
- Stenographer
- Pink collar
- Piece rates
- Semi-skilled
- Garment Subcontract
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