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HISB93H3 Professor Dowler Fall 2009 Lecture Note

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Wayne Dowler

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Oct 8
x Moscow began in the first half of 12th Century
x Small city belonging to the princes on Rustov-Suzdal
x As more people moved to north eastern regions, Moscow benefitted
x Because the north east was less developed than Kiev, a stronger prince was needed to
organize the region
x The Veche principle (town council) did not evolve strongly in the north east as it did in
the west and southwest
x The princes took over the north east territories before anyone settled there (the princes
preceded settlement)
x In Kiev, the settlement had preceded the princely rule
x In the northeast, the princes believed the land belonged to them. They gave it to the
settlers for use rather than ownership. In kiev, the peasants owned the land.
x Monopoly on land was one of the sources of Russian absolutism.
x Moscow began as a member of this new culture but it was one of the least developed in
culture whereas cities like Vladimir flourished
x It was a frontier town (rough, crude place) but economically successful
x Moscow was destroyed by Mongols and this devastation was merely a setback because it
began to redevelop and surpass its past status
x The first real prince of Moscow was Daniel
x He received it as his hereditary estate between 1261-1268
x He was quite astute and he established a pattern by expanding the territory under his
x He did this by bringing other town under his jurisdictions
x The princes were not fighters, avoided war, but they used all other means to occur
territories (opportunists)
x The purchased the territory, marriage alliances etc
x Through such means, Moscow had extended itself along the Moscow River (key to
control the watershed)
x It was a slow process of expansion
x Moscow was primarily a trading city and its borders made it advantageous
x It was a desirable place to settle and population grew rapidly
x One rival of Moscow was the city of Tver.
x This struggle was more for the control of Vladimir (which branch of the family would get
the patent)
x The princes of Vladimir was the senior princes
x In order to occupy the throne, you had to have the patent
x This set the stage for a long period of struggle
x The contest began in 1304 and lasted until 1446 when Moscow finally won (there was
some warfare)
x Moscow won because the Khans realized that it was in their best interest to strengthen
Moscow so they assisted them in the expense of Tver. They did this because Tver was
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