HISB93H3 Professor Dowler Fall 2009 Lecture Note

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25 Jul 2010
NOV 10
x Baba Yaga
x Rusalka
x Olga
x Russkaia Pravda
x Marfa Boretskaia
x Terem
x Votchina
x Pomestie
x As in the West, women lived in the framework of patriarchy (primacy of men over women
was assumed and this assumption was shared by both sexes)
x This patriarchal approach existed before Christianity, but it was reinforced by Orthodoxy
x So the Church felt that women needed to be watched and guided by men
x It contained male fears over wRPHQ¶VSRZHURYHUPHQVH[XDODQGUHSURGXFWLRQ
x Folklore is full of stories of women who are good and evil
x The most famous figure was Baba yaga, a witch who plays tricks on people to humiliate
x There were rusalka (a maiden who has drowned because of a tragic love affair). She lurked in
ponds and streams and when men came along, they would reach out and drown the men
x In real life, there were female folk healers (condemned by the Church) and was sought out
for their abilities to heal with potions and herbs
sorcerers that are seen to use magic for evil
x Image of women is ambivalent
x The condition and treatment of women was not the same in all times and places. There were
differences from place to place
Women in Kievan Rus:
x Princess Olga, she avenged the killing of her husband
x She ruled for 20 years as regent to her son
regularized the tribute. Once it was collected, population was left alone
x she was the first person in Kievan Rus to see the value of Christianity to unify the population
x she traveled to Constantnople to meet Byzantine Emperor where she became Christian
x her acts as a secular leader and founder of Christianity, she is now a Saint
x The dynasty was connected to other dynasties in Europe. Several Kievan princesses married
western dynasties and played significant roles in their lives
x The establishment of Christianity in the elites created opportunities for learning for elite
x Covent schools were established and the abbesses who ran these convents were well
educated and those who graduated were highly literate for their times
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