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Lecture 1

HISC57H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Ecotourism, Exponential Growth, Indulgence

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Fall 2014

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HISC57 Lecture #4
Connecting “Myanmar Gambling/Illegal Area Video” to course themes
-Chinese money used as regional standard
-Using colonial spaces as playgrounds for tourists
-Chinese influ. on structure, econ., cult. run by Chinese but not in China
-new frontier in SE Asia
*Burma always nexus for drug trade (connecting Chin., India, etc.)
*even opium has always passed through here on its way to China: see old patterns in the
-tributary system: protection for indulgences in exchange for electricity etc.
Themes for this week’s readings
-collionalism and China’s partic. situation in colonial age
-Brit. became dissat. w/ terms it had in relat. to Chin. govn’t; Canton Syst.
-only trade in few ports, only in silver, trade facil. by Huangs (middlemen) allowed trade
and set terms for trade (volume of trade and costs); Brit. didn’t like this b/c competit. w/ other
Euro. traders (ports getting crowded), increase profit w/o middlemen, more people avail. w/o
middlemen to trade w/
-Brit. wanting tea but shortage of silver so started trading opium  nation addicted; China
starts to counteract this
-b/f this opium was used for med.; the manual labourers started using it
-initially good; social and polit. consequences - how did this change the mentality of the
Chinese: start to want to stop trade (b/f it was good though, Chin. econ. dependant on it) b/c first
time in hist. the flow of trade is reversed you have more money going out than coming in
-polit. f/ China: red. of central power (warlords, people start to rise against Qing govn’t)
e.g. Taiping, Boxer: rebel. against foreigners
-Qing had to now trade inland, concession of HK
Was China ever colonized?
-dominating presence and ability to pull a lot of strings
-semi-colonialism: economics maintains sphere of influ. as apposed to create polit. entity

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HISC57 Lecture 4 1Connecting Myanmar GamblingIllegal Area Video to course themesChinese money used as regional standard Using colonial spaces as playgrounds for touristsChinese influ on structure econ cult run by Chinese but not in Chinanew frontier in SE Asia Burma always nexus for drug trade connecting Chin India etc even opium has always passed through here on its way to China see old patterns in the new tributary system protection for indulgences in exchange for electricity etcThemes for this weeks readings collionalism and Chinas partic situation in colonial age Brit became dissat w terms it had in relat to Chin govnt Canton Syst only trade in few ports only in silver trade facil by Huangs middlemen allowed trade and set terms for trade volume of trade and costs Brit didnt like thi
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