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Lecture 1

HISC57H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Greater China, Hutu, Blackboard

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Fall 2014

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HISC57 Lecture (8) #10 (on slide)
*goals/feedback even one reading you want to talk about for 5 min.; skills f/ e.g.
First Draft
-15 pages; Chicago/APA/MLA (*Chicago is most popular)
*diasporas could be cultural take-over - look at different types of “colonialism” (indirect)
-submit two copies on blackboard; one with real name+ student number +fake name and one
with fake name
-look for email of attachment , you have to do peer review (due a week later)
-5-7 minutes, powerpoint if you want
-what is topic, what are tboundaries of the topic, argument, key terms,theseis, argument,
answer to research question, briefly summaraize content of paper, indicate wahat was
hard/easy, indicate connections to course themse ; answer one questin from class
-after a week, put up revised paper: evidence of thought and taking in info
*10 minimum sources, no coverpage necessary, number your pages
What makes a film Chinese?
-if definition of Chinese film is plural then politically China is bigger than the boundaries of the
-Benedict Anderson: imagined communities
-Europe carved up everywhere to serve their own purposes e.g. Rwanda formed national ID
b/c of European - Belgium sep. grps giving one dom. over the other based on being tall and thin
or short and plump; b/f they were same culture, same people (Hutu vs. Tutsi)
-..they are not based on face-to-face interact’s; nations are constructed and created by
shared culture, media (newspapers that created unified identity)
-Imagined community would connect us to Nunavut b/ not Buffalo even though our lifestyles
would be more similar to Buffalo
Cinema Helps Create a Different Sense of Chinese Identity?
-Greater China: 70’s/80’s poli.-sci. to talk about contested territories (Taiwan & HK); didn’t
want to deny Chinese claims but didn’t want to say they were just China; doesn’t include the
-Global China: wouldn’t look at China b/f 20th century (chron. assoc.’s are dangerous)
-Cultural China: homogenizes diff. cult’s w/i China, different ethnicities w/i Chinese cult.’s
-N.A. and Euro.’s were so committed to comm. they left homes, and lived in and propagated
in China; culturally they’re China despite like skin colour
-white-washed Chinese may be excluded
-Sino-Sphere: includes anywhere that tradit. cult. or contemp. cult. in China has had
influence; Confucian religion, polit. culture *no longer can call Vietnam or Japan part of Sino
Sphere (problematic)

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HISC57 Lecture 8 10 on slide1goalsfeedback even one reading you want to talk about for 5 min skills f egFirst Draft15 pages ChicagoAPAMLA Chicago is most populardiasporas could be cultural takeoverlook at different types of colonialism indirectsubmit two copies on blackboard one with real name student number fake name and one with fake name look for email of attachmentyou have to do peer review due a week laterPresentation57 minutes powerpoint if you want what is topic what are tboundaries of the topic argument key termstheseis argument answer to research question briefly summaraize content of paper indicate wahat was hardeasy indicate connections to course themseanswer one questin from classafter a week put up revised paper evidence of thought and taking in info 10 minimum sources no coverpage necessary number your pagesWhat makes a film Chineseif definition of Chinese film is plural then politically China is bigger than the boundaries of the PRCBenedict Anderson imagined communities Europe carved up everywhere to serve their own purposes eg Rwanda formed national ID
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