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Lecture 4

HISC65H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Vittore Carpaccio, Scuola Di San Giorgio Degli Schiavoni, Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

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Natalie Rothman

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Veneto villas (last week)
-shift in how patricians saw themselves: rather than focusing on commercial activity
(ownership of ships or investment in long distance trade) *centuries after early 16th century
-aristocrats were connected to owning property and building on it; exhib. their wealth through
agric. investments (all over Europe at this time)
Case IV: The Wars of the league of Cambrai, 1508-16
-holy league that saw France on onside and Venice and papacy on the other
-Venice found itself fighting some powerful people at the beginning of the 16th century; these
wars were reshaping the view to mainland in long-term
Southern Italy, 1454-1494
*first map showing colour-coded polit. entities emerged/very first map of Europe with colour-
coded boundaries (1602); at this time emergent polit. belonging at this time but not clear-cut at
this point
-so powerful with landholdings that it became to be viewed as a threat even to the papacy
*Italy at this time period isn’t a polit. entity; many of the areas now a part of it were under the
rule of France or Spain; Papacy is not spiritual but political power at this point
-Papacy’s other big grudge: Venice unlike other Cath. territories reserved to itself the power
to elect clergy so they all were Venet. patricians vs. Papacy choosing them
-Papacy is interested in org. this league to drive Venet’s out of some territories in northern
territories (Dec. 10th 1508 b/w France and Papacy league formed)
The Battle of Agnadello (14 May, 1509)
-mercenary forces seized (fighting on behalf of a partic. polity but not invested in the fortune
of the polity itself); V’s are defeated so much that they are kicked out of much of the mainland;
republic of Venice loses right to appoint the clergy
-1510 league collapses b/c of tensions b/w French king and Papacy and holy league b/w
papacy and Venice now (*8 years of shifting polit. changes and wars but everything is restored
to prior condition)
Venice after Agnadello
*signif.: Vent. polit. orient. - challenge to the notion of V. invincibility (tenets of myth: V is so
perfect that is invincible and cannot possibly use - this shakes patricians, think about their need
for reform/reprioritizing polit. allegiances)
-allows them to reshape Venice to convince pop that all of these wars were worth it and
justified and to ext. project the notion of V incinc. war: elite recog. need for project. of unity and
define V. unity; forces V elites to take sides on how much of polit./mil. effort in mainland empire
-split b/w people wanting to keep focusing on maritime colonies and others saying focus on
mainland (this mean reorienting econ. investments which were entangled in Maritimes)
*east to west turn: map didn’t change but spatial imagination did
Communities I: The City and its Neighbourhoods
*space emerges; is always in process and re-enacted and reshaped; depending on human
Venice’s sestieri (six wards)
-created as early as 1171; equiv. to boroughs; diff. admin. units
-policies are shaped by these divisions
-these wards didn’t matter a great deal for how V’s thought of themselves; they stayed at the
level of admin. and didn’t enter mundane domain
Venetian Parishes (contadres?)
-expectation: you attend services in your parish church (imp. partic. a/r 16th cent.; memb’s of
Cath. community should stay with their commun.)
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