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William Nelson

Making History Universalism and the French Revolution The larger context revolutionary change that were talking about is the Atlantic Revolution – 1776 – 1820 Touched the atlantic world, nely interconnected space. The revolutions are really spread out a little bit, the American in the beginning, 1776, ftench in 1789, Haitian 1790 and Spanish American in 1810 and 1820s The import of these atlantic revolutions, one is that its really challenging and overturning many of the assumptions and foundations of the early modern world. Basic foundatrions that were made the early modern world quite different from today Identification with the local Corporate bodies – the idea that there were these specific groups and communities that you were bound to and apart of For many people, membership in a coroporate body like a guild was the foundations of their work life, social life and identity The great chain of being – significantly undermines the social ineqauality through natural inequalities Devine Right – the idea that the ruleris authorized to rule through god Duty vs freedom – abstract thin, very important through atlantic revolution, characterized through their types of freedom. Information: before “news” It took a a long time for messages to get around, and spread slowly. Fench revolution – a much more thourough and radical. It directly addressing all these fundamental pillars of the early modern world. Come to see everything about the world as able to be recreated, nothing in a sense is sacred anymore. - the emergence of the nation state – increasing identification with the “ation” - Abolshed corporate bodies - An explosion of media – there were no newspapers, there was one periodical that was created once a month – was created by the government though  - Undermined devine right - With the revolution we had eleven newspapers – books, pamphlets cheap illustrations - The enlightenment helped to make the revolutions possible. - Why they occurred ENGLIGHTEMENT - a time of destablization and the questioning of authority (religious, ppolitical, untellectual) -
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