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William Nelson

October 29, 2012 Sacred Spaces: Religious Buildings and Early Modern Connections iClicker: During the Reformation, Protestants: They did all these things Why did they ritually burn statues and paintings at the stake? - A tradition of heretics to be burned at stake and Protestants used this symbol and turned it back to the Catholics Invitations to Idolatry - Many Protestants thought that images of saints were invitations to idolatry - Worshipping saints as “idols” instead of the more important things o Ex. Relationship directly to God, instead of direction to Saints - Some went as far as John Calvin, the prominent theologian, and declared that “God forbade… the making of any images representing him.” What are some key words that the two following images evoke? (1 Image – Protestant Church , 2 nd Image – Catholic Church) Protestant Church (A Protestant Dutch Reform Church, 1649) - Modest - Plain - Looks more plain (Protestant church) o No big paintings or big statues o No stained glass windows - Here’s a sense of purity and an image that people are more focused on praying to god - You can see people sitting on the floor of the Protestant Church where you would not in Catholic Churches - The Church is not as wealthy based on how well a Church may be decorated - There’s a difference in height (Preacher) and the parishioners o Catholics usually give preachers from a lower level - Key word for Protestants – “Humitity” - There is no visual distractions and the only thing to look at would be at the Preacher and focus more - Everybody seems to be in dark, non-distant type of clothing Catholic Church (A Baroque Catholic Church, Constructed around 1700) - Elaborate decorations - People are sitting in Pews instead of on the floor - People in Catholic church are all facing the same direction (Alter) - The many decorations in the church, show the money used on the church (Related to wealth) o Statues, sculptures, and etc. - The Alter is the place where the Priest gives out mass - The Church is more focused on display and there is a sense of Heaven given out o Ex. The painting in the back - There’s a sense of separation o Different clothes, people who are separated o There is a feeling of “This is gods” and “This is yours” In small groups, discuss how the two images that follow represent differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. - Protestant Church has a downplay of worldly goods, extravagance, focuses on spirituality o There isn’t that much of an important relationship between the person and the priest/preacher - There is an emphasis on imagery in Catholic Church o Counter Reformation is the Catholic Church’s response to Protestantism o No more indulgences or corruption in the Protestant Church o Churches in a way become more elaborate -> Baroque, excess, it’s attempting to create a different kind of awe - In a way, both churches are trying to intimidate o It is a place charged with a “power” - Catholics emphasized that the Church was a place where God existed where Protestant Churches were a place where they could emphasize their relationship to God - One could buy their way out of Purgatory to buy their way closer to Heaven - If people brought spiritual items in Church, It gave people believe they could get to Heaven easier Luther and the Protestant Reformation - Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) : A German Monk - 95 theses presented in 1517 - Criticized church corruption o Sale of indulgences o Purchase of church offices - “By faith alone” o Salvation through faint, not good works - A return to “true” Gospel teachings - Broke with Rome in 1520 - Luther was instrumental in brnging about a “Great Leveling”
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