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William Nelson

Week 8 Class 2 Sacred Spaces: Religious Buildings and Early Modern Connections The Jesuits Counter-reformation: In reforming the church and to compete -sent missionaries to spread Christianity -Christianity was only minimally successful in converting Chinese citizen even the Jesuits were not too s succesful -Jesuits had a new process of accommodation -Catholic felt like they need to take a new approach to spread their religion *Map:  -The Jesuits were welcomed into the court, into their government, served a purpose for the emperors  -also attempted to create material to convert people *Book: in an attempt to convert the Chinese, illustrations done by Chinese artists, used Chinese type of print :woodwock -Mary met by an angel telling her that she will be mother of Jesus -the book used Chinese Idioms, in front of Mary on a book on a special table (indication of who theyy’re trying to speak to), the making of Mary into a Chinese women, several conventions of many images found in Chinese landscape, addition to architecture itself, more Chinese symbols, Rous- representing the Buddha -Mary is represented to resemble similar Chinese goddesses -Although Jesuits attempted this far to accommodate c
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