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Jeanine Evangelista

May 8 , 2013 HISA04H3-Y Themes in World History I Lecture 1 What is World History? ⇒ Not sum or aggregation of each countries history o All countries developed at different times ⇒ In the course going to use comparative framework When comparing people in the present with people in the past, we can look at: ⇒ Interaction with the environment ⇒ Class structure ⇒ Equality of justice ⇒ How people construct structures (ex. boats) ⇒ How people use technology ⇒ Going to talk about the theme of water o H O2covers 70% of the earth’s surface ⇒ People mostly tend to live in coastal regions ⇒ Question to address: Why do people live close to H O? 2 Clean Water vs. Salt Water ⇒ H 2 can also act as obstacles (ex. Border between two countries) CLEAN WATER ⇒ 2.75% of all water on the planet is clean water- its in lakes, rivers and most are in ground water ⇒ Access to safe water is gradually shrinking (especially in Global South) o Reason: consume more water than can be replenished ⇒ Water pollution still causes death o Melia o Thypoid fever o Growth of parasites ⇒ Water can bring life and also take life ⇒ Salted water- oceans and seas ⇒ We tend to think of bodies of water as obstacles, but we should think of them as bridges since you can cross it Roots and Routes ⇒ Roots: The Rise of Civilizations and water o People form roots around water o Going to look at peoples lives near water ⇒ Route: people travel the oc
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