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William Nelson

HISA04H3- New World Contact 09/17/2012 Our Main 2 Images of the Lecture • Colombus and the Taino- representation of Columbus and the people he encountered/met with. Some implication of civilized and savage. • Asserted their dominance through • Renaissance rebirth of integrity in Europe • Bougainville and New Cythera • More than half a century later than Columbus, French explorer set out to be the first French navigator • Named it new Cythera, because it’s a reference back to greek and roman integrity • Drew upon these stories of integrity to draw onto this place • Why Did Bougainville call Tahiti “New Cythera”? • Island where goddess of love came from • This woman that came n the boat, was put in terms of things they knew from ancient greek and roman mythology • The Egg and the Chestnut (Jose de Acosta) th • He was somebody in 16 century that recognized this problem: He compared the wild life of the old t the new was like comparing an egg to a chestnut • Moctezuma and Cortes- • Image, what implies its a subject or ruler? • New World Contact- Representation 09/17/2012 Readings: Tignor, World Together, Worlds Apart, 452-470 Pomeranz, Worlds Together, Worlds Apart Companion Reader, 66-82.88-100 The Two Senses of “Making History” • • Issues of representation • When Columbus looked at the Amerca, he “peered through tightly woves filters of expectation and assumption from the past.” (Columbus and the Indies) • For example, naming it “the Indies.” • Converting the Chinese into Christianity His expectation of reaching • • Columbus believed the earth was “round” • We also have our own filters of expectation and assumptions when looking back at Columbus • In the Caribbean sea, he saw mermaids. • Why did Columbus see mermaids? The state of his biological knowledge at the time, was different from ours • • Why did he write that he saw mermaids? • Represent daily life in Asia- the image of the East in Mandeville’s Travels • Account of English traveler to the East • Images of the East New World Contact
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