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Lecture 11

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Lecture 11: The Mongol Moment People: Chinggis Khan (r. 1206-1227) Khubilai Khan (r.1271-1294) Giovanni da Plan del Carpine (1180-1252) Marco Polo (ca. 1254-1324) Places: Mongolia Karakorum Khanbaliq/Yuandadu Concepts: Steppe diplomacy Pax mongolica Social boundaries - When we say moment, we are referring to relatively brief span of time - a couple of centuries - Within this span of time, conjuncture between specific historical processes - What enables Mongols to achieve governance and military conquests - Historians do not focus on the Mongols or nomadic groups in general o Because they are very good at blending in with the backgrounds, historians believe that they are just brutes that have not contributed to society - Historians have tended to write about things that they are familiar with Black Plague - No accident that the pathogens took their toll during the greatest expanse of the Mongolian empire - Enormous movement of people duri
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