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Lecture 12

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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 12 People Emperor Yongle Zheng He Luo Guangzhang Louis XIV Noble of the Sword/Nobles of the Robe Leonardo Da Vinci Dante Aligieri Events Ming Dynasty Chinese Maritime Exploration Hundred Years’ War Printing Press Concepts Nation State Renessaissance Estates General Humanism Places Forbidden City Venice Process of recovery after Mongol Empire and Black Plague - After the Mongol Empire, Ming tried to get China back to economic and political stability - Civil service exam, identify those who are, emphasis of Confucianism - Large scale public works projects, reservoirs, irrigation systems - Remove traces of foreign rule, strong centralized government - 11000 volumes of the Encyclopedia - The Forbidden City was built, finished and rebuilt the Great Wall during Ming Dynasty - Luo Guangzhang and Shi Nai’an were famous Chinese novelists - Porcelain was one of the many many products of china, a luxury good, when you can produce luxury goods, it is a sign of stability, strength and prosperity - Travel and exploration of the Maritime Explorations, Yongle launched the largest one in 1405, they had 300 ships, 27000 crew members, huge expedition, headed by Zhenghe - Establishing strong Chinese presence in Indian and Pacific Ocean - Didn’t try to establish or colonize settlements and didn’t try to spread Chinese culture - After Yon
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