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Sheldon Ungar

Lecture 15: Globalizing Empires II:The Habsburgs People: Ferdinand and Isabella Charles V Philip II Concepts: Composite Monarchy Purity of Blood Inquisiting Settler Colonies Hacienda & Encornienda Timar - Similarities and differences between Ottoman and Habsburg imperial structures - Settle colonies - Important mechanisms of an empire was patronage by men and especially women of the household, patrons of various works - Developing and constructing roads - Circulation of provincial governors, may be posted for a few years and then move to another years, stopped people from creating local power bases, and learned from the experience of different places, very worldy and able to learn from the predecessors and the locals, accomplished governors - These provincial governors, came from the same recruits, not the people who were born in Istanbul or children of wealth Muslim families, they were members of the poor villagers, administered the empire - Scholar teachers from provincial schools were also travellers to teach at the more prestigious schools, circulation of knowledge, the most advanced knowledge circulted quite rapidly and constantly throughout the empire - Timar system, system of land grants that were given to individuals in exchange for certain services, any person who was in a patronage relationship with the empire, various Christian warriors who fought for the Sultan could receive the timars. The land grant, military or financial services, much more open ended system at first. o Difference between feudalism and the timar: these were not
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