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William Nelson

th Week 2, Lecture 3 HISA04 Themes in World History Wed 19 Sept 2012 Columbus and the Indies - Columbus looked at Americas, ‘peered through tightly woven filters of expectation and assumption from the past.’ - For example, naming it East Indies. - We have our own assumptions/expectation of Columbus. Columbus’ Writing - Thought the earth was round. - Saw mermaids saw Columbian sea. - Saw three mermaids, said they were not pretty, and looked like men. - Brought certain expectations when he was out there. - Why did he write he saw mermaids? - Image of the East = Mandeville’s Travels Images of the East - To Europeans image of the East determined by Marco Polo + John Mandeville - Mandeville’s account = more popular than Marco Polo’s - Columbus read both Marco and John’s accounts of travel. - May have taken written accounts of Polo and Mandeville during voyage. Mandeville th - Mandeville’s Travels published mid-14 century. - Story of Englishman travelling East. - Popularized idea of circumnavigability of Earth. - Helped create expectations of marvels of the East. On the Wonders and Marvels of Mandeville - Mandeville’s Travels exploits eyewitness & local diversity - People never travelled mock tales, but “if a man will …” - John Mandevi
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