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Interconnection Part 2

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Natalie Rothman

Lecture 9: Interconnections II Travelers, Missionaries, and Merchants Ways of trade and goodscommunities facilitated diff. Types of connections and movement of ideas and objects Cross-cultural trade, material aspects when why that underlie these trades HOW MEDIEVAL PIETY AND PROFIT CONNECTED DISTANT PLACERS AND FOSTERED LONG-DISTANCE TRADE AND CROSS-CULTURAL INTERACTIONS [THEME] CHINA AND ROME Intensified in middle ages, long-distance trade Diff. Ecological zones, all regions Linked distant societies, China and roman empires on separate points on Silk Road First products where the only thing that was traded caravans: masses of ppl moving in land-locked areas moving goods full fledged Afro-Eurasian network Conquest of 7 century Arab conquest: significant bc access to more resources, languages (Arabic), early Islam common religion, Muhammad was a merchant thus, helped making merchants more acceptable, pilgrimage to Mecca related to trade bc huge commercial opportunity bc ppl came from all corners of the earth, helped facilitate trade Arab empire trade intensify century Lead to taxation systems, foreign merchants, elevated social status, scales and measurements all developed in early century of A.E. being carried onto other cultures ie. Italian learned languages and developments of Arabs; allowed for exchange of ideas Overlap of trade, religious and cultural networks CHANGE IN CONSUMPTION In Africa, trade in gold salt Emergence of traders as distinct social group social transformation bc of elevated social status; establishing monassaries, to establish themselves as piest ppl
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