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William Nelson

th Week 3, Lecture 3 HISA04 Themes in World History Mon 24 Sept 2012 Power and Portraits of Rulers - Picture depicts royalty, image and symbolical clothing express their class/status. - Faceless model with similar royal-like clothing; depicts who you are is not important, but rather what you wear is important; clothing grants status or class. Early Modern Empires and Symbolic Power Role of Self-presentation and Majesty The Projection of Power - Foreign trade creates rising tides in economy; changes economy like taxes for goods; creates ‘middle man’; taxation extends Emperor’s power and connection in the society. - Greater trade connections brought greater prosperity + centralization. - Territory + population grow so does need to project power. - Need to represent reasons why rule = legitimate; ‘Divine Right’. - Some Emperors say God gives them the right, or they were given Divine Right, the right as the ruler was established by God – used in European dynasties/empires/kingdoms etc. Emperor Jahangir; Mughal Empire (lived 1569-1627; reigned 1605-1627) - Not only religious tolerance was granted, but state had recognition different religions were ‘worthy’. ‘Jahangir’s Dream’ - Embrace is kind of li
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