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rd Week 4, Lecture 4 HISA04 Themes in World History Mon 3 Oct 2012 Silver and Fur: Representations Charles-Joseph Minard, Napoleon’s Russian Campaign 1812-1813 - Map represented the campaign and a turning point in French history. - Movement of troops represented in names and shows their routes and correlated to the weather. - Particularly affected by the weather—lost because they were not prepared for the weather. - Represents 6 types of information: geography, time, temperature, number of troops, and the route and direction of their movement. International Trade and the Development of Data Graphics - Development in international trade played big role of these graphics, and part of why is because of the scale; trade happening over large areas and extremely high amount of silver going to China and back to Europe etc. William Playfair (1759-1823) – A Scoundrel and Innovator - Not formally trained engineered, trained apprentice, worked where the first steam engine was built, worked around machines, extremely unreliable and dubious character. - Accused of many things: ran off to France in French Revolution, wrong doing of a company, flee back to London, accused of blackmail and extortion, convicted of illegal scheme related to one of the banks he started. - Between 1786 & 1801 he invented/transformed the: time-series line graph, bar chart, pie chart. Minard’s Illustration of 19 Century French wine Exports -
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