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Lecture 5

Year 1 - HISA04 Themes in World History I W5 L5 - Oct10.doc

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William Nelson

Week 5, Lecture 5 HISA04 Themes in World History Thurs 10 Oct 2012 Wunderkammer – Room of Wonder - Contained 3 types of objects o Natualia (products of nature.) o Arteficialia (or artefacta, the products of man.) o Scientifica (the testaments of the human ability to know nature. - Role of Unicorn Horn in Wunderkammer = Makes it seem like mythical creatures existed. - Precisely these object in someway dew the categories that you could take for granted in analysing the world in a scholarly view. - Some of these objects demonstrated high degree of human prowess. - One of most common objects, repeatedly see, is coral. Fascinated Europeans. - Coral = one of the typical objects because it was unclear to many if it was a vegetable or mineral. Hans Sloane and the Manatee Whip - Preserved a lot of animals and objects that could represent the New World of their colonies, and brought it back to England. - Manatee Tail would have been what Columbus mistook as a mermaid. - Displayed in a coffee shop in England; coffee shop were a place where people hung out and chatted about contemporary stuff of t
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