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Year 1 - HISA04 Themes in World History I W7 L7 - Oct22.doc

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William Nelson

Week 7, Lecture 7 HISA04 Themes in World History I Mon 22 nd Oct 2012 Review for Midterm Go to room AA112 at 12PM. First part is MULTIPLE CHOICE - Akbar (father of Jahangir) is the Emperor of the Mughal Empire who introduced the hybrid Divine Faith. Key Terms: - Atlantic System: Slave trade; what countries important in early slave trades?; Portuguese and Spanish empires were strong in beginning in Atlantic world, as two got weaker, British and French dominated; - Columbian Exchange: Long-term process, way of categorixing movement of agricultural groups, diseases, wealth, and people that came in contact with European voyagers and New Worlds people; with that came depopulation of Americas and Caribbean due to no immunity of Afro-Eurasian diseases; things like food and animals strictly from Americas to Europe first arrived; deforestation; marriage between Natives and Europeans; - Sugar: Why called killing crop? Because of high mortality rate of slaves; average life span of slaves arriving at plantations = very low; worked really hard from sun rise to sun down; poor diets; effected European diet; caused a lot of tooth decay; - Wanderkammer: X - Cabinet of Curiosity: X - Mercantilism: X - Plantation System: Where does model come from? Portuguese created plantations a ports; type of plantations that would dominate in Caribbean and Americas are Sugar plantations at end of 16 century; - Plantations: X - Plantation Complex: X - Abolitionism: X - Contingency: X - Silver Trade: X - Charter Compani
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