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Week 8, Lecture 8 HISA04 Themes in World History I Mon 29 Octh 2012 Sacred Spaces: Religious Buildings and Early Modern Connections - Protestants burnt statues and paintings at the stake, decapitated statues, and stripped churches of pictures of Saints. - Anything not Christian was usually burnt at the stake, and Protestants used it against the Catholics to show that the Catholics were being heretics. - Protestants felt images of Saints invited idolatry. - Instead of attention directed at important things, it was directed towards Saints. - Protestants felt it was more important with God and them as opposed to through the Church, bishops, popes, and etc. like the Catholics did. - John Calvin = prominent theologian; declared that ‘God forbade…the making of any images representing Him.’ Key Words for Protestantism (Protestant Dutch Reform Church, 1649) - Modest. - Plain. - Purity. - Humility. Key Words for Catholicism (Baroque Catholic Church, constructed around 1700) - Elaborate; in sense of decoration, sitting in pews. - All facing alter. - Wealthy interior. Differences - Protestant churches face different ways while Catholic churches are all facing in one direction at the priest and all these different ornaments, decorations, representations, and alter. - Catholic Church attempts to re-create heaven at the back of the alter. - Protestant focussed on sacredness of the church because it was a place to exercise their relationship with God, Catholics emphasized churches’ sacredness because of the temple itself—it was God’s house. - Martin Luther was really against the purchasing power of spiritual things, like buying their way out of purgatory. Luther and the Protestant Reformation - Martin Luther – 1483-1546; German Monk. - 95 theses, presented in 1517. Week 8, Lecture 8 HISA04 Themes in World History I Mon 29 Octth 2012 - Criticized church’s corruption: • Sale o
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