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William Nelson

Why did the French spend so much time, effort, and money to establish the colony of “Isle de France” on a tiny island in the Indian Ocean? Why was a botanical garden central to their plans for Isle de France? Who were the dominant trading power in the 17 century world? Isle de France (present day Mauritius)  The Dutch because they were the shipping people of the world, they transported products for countries all over the world. The Dutch East India Company known as the VOC  Formed in 1602 to monopolize Asian trade  The world’s first large joint-stock company  Most powerful trading company in the 17 century world o Raised 10 times the capital of its English counterpart The First Global Logo o At its peak it had 257 ships and 12,000 men employed o Between 1595-1795, it sent over a million men to Asia  A model for large-scale business enterprises that now dominate the global economy Which was not one of the primary goods traded by the VOC?  The primary goods that the VOC traded were coffee, teak wood, spices, and tea. The “Spice Islands” (present day Indonesia, particularly Maluka Islands) Where spices came from, where countries got all of their spices from. VOC strategy  Wherever possible, VOC tried to o Establish a trade monopoloy o Fix prices o Replace native population with Dutch planters Spice Monopolies  Nutmeg trade monopoly was first o They seized control the cluster of islands known
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