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HISA01 Sept. 26 Notice about exam:  Multiple Choice – fact based  Short answers When reading material, think of:  What is important?  What is the theme? Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II by Gentille Bellini (1480)  popularized portraiture amongst Ottomans  Italian influence in Ottoman culture Maps of the Familiar and Unfamiliar Maps of the unfamiliar increased during the Early Modern Era. This was due to:  Newly discovered territories/countries  New boundaries of known countries  New style of maps Imperial Mapmaking in the 1660s: China, Russia, and France This occurred because of technological advancements in astronomy and surveying.  latitude and longitude  magnetic compass China’s maps were completed in 1717 France’s maps were completed in 1744 Russia’s maps were completed in 1745 HISA01 Sept. 26 Chinese Imperial Expansion from Ming to Qing dynasty 1644 – 1760  Maps were created because they wanted accuracy in maps and a reliable scale for the maps. Russian Imperial Expansion to 1689  Ran up against China, due to borders.  Russia was developing border’s that look like modern-day Russia’s borders.  The Russians wanted to expand North so sent expeditions towards the arctic. Taxation and State Power What is necessary for a state to collect taxes?  States didn’t always have means to enforce taxes: o No way to identify people (no identification papers like birth certificates at that time) o No way to identify land and who it belonged to French cadastre  An official register of the quantity, value, and ownership of real estate used in appropriating taxes.  ‘A cadastre map is an instrument of control which both reflects and consolidates the power of those who commi
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