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HISA04 Oct. 10 Gilt coconut cup (Netherlands, 1530s)  Was a religious, secular object  Special powers, neutralise poison  Combining of cultures o Caribbean: coconut o Europe: biblical pictures Room of wondrous objects – Wunderkammer 3 types of general objects:  naturalia – products of nature  arteficilia – human made  scientifica – things made to control/understand earth/world Rooms were private, at first. Then they were shown as a way to show wealth, worldly connections. Wunderkammer represented order of nature/the way humans saw natural order.  Wunderkammer disrupted Europeans’ natural categories  i.e. unicorns – where are those classified? Objects had to be:  rare  opulent  strange  finely worked  medical/magical properties One of the most common objects: coral. Was it a vegetable or mineral? Wunderkammer eventually turned into cabinets of curiosities:  Cost less, took up less space HISA04 Oct. 10 Hans Sloane and the Manatee Whip 17 century – English Sloane liked to travel, collecting samples of flora and fauna, in order to bring back for classification.  On a trip to the Caribbean, he brought back a manatee whip o Were used as a way of controlling slaves on English colonies o Was displayed in a coffee shop in England
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