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HISA06 Week 3 Asian Foods and Trading Networks Part I: Food, Society, and History ‘Good to think with’explore society, religion, … through food - Food, Gender, Class Who got to eat what? Gender one causes, men heads of the house so that they got high nutrition. Class, social class to expensive consumption good Men leave first, then old women, women preparation Children got nutrition, boy then girls eg: UNICIEF - Staples and Luxuries 1. Staple food: grains whether rice or wheat and domestic cheap commodities 2. Luxuries: spice—rich people could afford or not accessible to ordinary people - Staple food 1. What? —like rice, corn and something widely available Eg: cultivated by slaveries in U.S/ U.K more wheat and eat rice 3. Where available? 4. How prepared? – dries, from fields and all stable commodity, eating grain themselves cultivated 5. Poor: substitute diet to prolong life - Luxury food and trade What: spices - Foods and Innovation Eg: new technology/ GM food/ soya sauce/ Italian food - Technical innovation 1. Processing of rice: able to produce more qualified rice 2. Processing of soya bean—soya sauce: food history changed by innovation - Foo
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