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Jin Park

HistoryLEC March 132012Final examcumulative key terms will be providedmultiple choice some from midterms focus on memorizing key terms some based on readings some based on the films viewed in class5 short answer questions drawn to key words or concepts that will be provided1 essay questionissues of gender and woman in modern chinathrough population and control in landschina is a vast country whose borders intersects with various nation states mongolia russiaindia nepal north koreachinese communist regime took shape close to 1949going to look at population control and womens reproduction through the filmfarewell My concubine1993 true stars performing operaDieyi and Xiaolounames of the 2 startschild namesDouziShitouthe films purpose and set to invite the audience to think of the history of early 20s and mid 20s in transformation through these two characters and through opera itselfoccurs in the 1930sD plays a female role for the rest of his careertrained by master hes by nature a girlnot a boy traditionallyno woman should perform operait was only man in china clips1937 under Jap rulethe film portrays 2 actors of different periods
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